Shower Unit Requirements

Requirements Checklist

  • Showers are 1.2 metres square and 2.34 metres high. Delivery on to your property is by hand trolley via hard level ground. Please ensure the shower will fit where you want it to go including room to tilt shower into position. The showers are 86 kilograms so they can be lifted by two people. If the showers are to go up several stairs two able bodied persons (minimum) must be available on site for delivery and pick up. Extra charges will apply if we can not pick up due to insufficient labour as per conditions.
  • The hot water system must be positioned on a hard level surface. The hot water system must but be situated so it is  unable to be tipped over and is away from foot traffic etc.
  • 20 metres of drinking quality water hose is supplied to connect the hot water system to a garden tap. Please let us know if extra hose are required.
  • The hot water system requires a 10 AMP (General Power Outlet) power outlet in good condition. The hot water system must not share a power point with any other large appliances. Power boards and double adaptors can not be used. We supply a 25 metre lead, tagged and tested for your safety. (Power lead can be supplied with built in RCD (safety switch) if your power point is internal (Weather protected))
  • Waste water from the shower is diverted on to the garden or lawn. The hose must run away from the shower down hill. If the water is to go in to the sewer line than the entry to the sewer line must below the ground level of the shower unit. Please check with your local council in regards to grey water disposal.
portable shower outside

portable shower inside

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